You TV Player; Watch Unlimited TV online!

YouTube is old hat; You TV Player is here. Gone are the days when we used to have to make do with bad quality streams. With You TV Player, HD prints of latest movies are available right at your fingerprints. Not only this; the app lets you access free TV shows online. You can socialise and chat with people, play many formats as well as rake benefits of cloud information storage facilities!

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But before we get into the nitty gritties, let’s talk a little bit about what YouTV Player is. This is an app that lets you watch free movies and TV shows online. Almost every popular TV show can be streamed directly on your mobile device in a matter of seconds. The app also makes special provisions for those who want their files to be protected as well as supports Chromecast! What is amazing is that it works wonderfully as You TV Player for iPhone as well as You TV Player for Windows as well!

You can download the Showbox APK file from here or this link.

Before we go any further, let us first have a peek at the features the app offers.

  • You can use the app to watch unlimited TV, with almost every popular and international channel being offered without any price.
  • Numerous genres of entertainment going from children’s channels like Cartoon Network and Nick to Musicals to Cinema and also TV Series!
  • The app lets you watch videos stored in your device. It also lets you protect your files using a password.
  • If that wasn’t enough, You TV Player is extremely customisable, with Push Notifications and other settings adjustable to suit your needs.
  • The app doubles up as a social media platform. Make friends with other users around the world, have conversations with interesting people, and get help and suggestions right within the app!

You TV Player can make do with Android, iPhone and iPad as well as Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and more!



You TV Player for Android

Out with friends and don’t know how to kill time? Well the internet is all you need. You could watch a movie or TV show. But YouTube doesn’t have the latest movies or TV series episodes to watch online. What does one do in that case? Cartoon HD, Movie Box and MegaBox HD don’t have good shows to watch without buffering either. This is where You TV Player comes to our aid.

With this app which doesn’t take more than 25 MBs of space, you can watch all your favorite content without interruption! You TV Player for Android is a boon for all those who want to stream latest movies online. With a good internet connection, this app will let you watch your favorite TV show episodes as well as movies and other content without interruption.


How to get You TV Player for Android?

Step 1: Download You TV Player APK App for Android
Go to Google and Search “You TV Player APK”. There are plenty of well reviewed third party sites that host apk files for free. You will obtain many such links in the search results. Open any one and download the required file.

Step 2: Enable “Unknown Sources” on your device.

Android by default does not let apps from outside the Play Store be installed on the device via apk files. This can be an issue here, since You TV Player app is not available on Google’s Play Store. To avoid this hurdle, go to “Settings” on your home menu. Find “Security” and open it. You should see “Unknown Sources” with some scrolling. Toggle it to make it green. This will allow APK files to be installed without a problem.

Step 3: Run the APK file.

Go to “Downloads” on your Home menu. You should see your APK file there. If you have saved it elsewhere, go to that location. Tap the file to run it. The screen should show you the permissions required by the app.

Step 4: Install the app and enjoy.

The installation should not take more than a few seconds. Once in, you can login to a stream of your choice, run your favorite channels on your mobile device and have hours of fun!

Be sure to be careful when you download APK files. Always scan them with an antivirus wherever possible.


You TV Player for PC Windows

You TV Player does not come built for Windows PC. This normally spells failure since apk files cannot be installed on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. What can be done in this case, then?

Well, thanks to Android Emulator software applications, you can watch free TV shows and movies online on PC, using the same app. An Emulator mimics Android in a window on your PC, making it possible to run every Android app you want on your device. For Example, BlueStacks is a pretty well reviewed emulator that is favored by beginners and which can run in slower PCs as well. Andy, on the other hand, is well complimented for the beautiful interface and quick speed.

Let us tell you how you can get your favorite You TV Player on your Windows PC using BlueStacks.

Step 1: Get the apk file
Like before, you can get You TV Player apk file from the internet using Google. Download the apk file on your PC and keep it safe.

Step 2: Download an Android Emulator

We suggest you try BlueStacks if you’re new to this. You can get the .exe file from You can also try out Andy if you’re confident about it. Get the .exe file for the emulator form

Step 3: Install and Set up the emulator

To set up BlueStacks and Andy, you are required to sign in with a Google account. The account makes it possible to access the Play Store and download apk files to get apps. Make a fresh account within the emulator if you are not confident about using an existing one.

Step 4: Install the apk file on the Emulator.

You can pick and drag the downloaded apk file to BlueStacks in the window. Or right click the file and click “Open With”. Choose the emulator in the list of programs. Let it Install.

Once the installation is done, you will receive a notification. You can then go to “My Apps” on your desktop and open the app any time you want, and have fun watching free movies and TV shows now!


Get You TV Player for iOS

iOS is incapable of supporting APK file. Due to lack of a proper emulator which has been well reviewed, the app cannot be installed on your iOS device. Tough luck.

You can go for an alternative for the app though. Apps like Play View, Vidmate, TubeMate, Cartoon HD etc can spice up your iPhone and iPad. Read more about You TV Player Alternatives here.


Is You TV Player on the Google Play Store?

No. There is a fake app uploaded on the store, but it has vastly reduced features compared to the apk file on our website. The app of the Play Store is fake, and let us tell you how:

  • The developer cited is not recognised anywhere.
  • The logo bears text added through a very measly attempt at photo editing, possibly even through Paint. No self respecting app would have that.
  • The app available does not have the much loved social features which let you make friends and interact with people around the world. That’s half on the charm on You TV Player missing.
  • The app only shows you movies hosted on YouTube, which is supposed to make things quicker. Why would you want an app that does what YouTube’s Search option does quicker, better and without taking up extra space unnecessarily?

The You TV Player app on Google Play Store is a fake apk. Don’t fall for it.

What’s new in You TV Player?

You TV Player now supports content casting! Watch all your favorite TV shows and movies of the big screen. If you have a Chromecast enabled TV set, you can watch live TV without paying Cable fee, all thanks to the internet! You can also enable your TV to support Chromecasting, using the portable plug-in Chromecast device. Want to learn how to do it? Here’s how!

You TV Player on Chromecast

To watch You TV Player of your big screen, you can use Chromecast to play the videos for you. All you need is the You TV Player installed on your device through its APK, a casting app like LocalCast, AllCast or any other you like, and of course a Chromecast enabled TV screen. Here’s what to do next:

  • Launch You TV Player of your Android device.
  • Play any Live TV Stream you like of the device. Don’t worry about players or anything else.
  • Drag down your of-screen menu. Click the cast button.
  • You should be able to use your LocalCast or AllCast apps to connect to the TV’s Chromecast interface.
  • Once the connection is made, continue watching the content you love of the big screen.

It’s that easy to keep yourself entertained using You TV Player. Won’t it be a great app to keep of your Smartphone?

You TV Player: The Verdict

This is one amazing app. IT is versatile in its features, well optimised for the average user, plus it has a great collection of TV shows and channels to choose from. The app easily defeats every other app in the market, owing to the speed and quality of streaming which outdoes every other app in the market. You just cannot skip You TV Player from your device!