You TV Player APK

If there is any application that can get you unlimited movies and serials to watch online, it is You TV Player. With unbelievable features and more being added with time, there’s no reason to not be in love with this app. Forget Netflix, Hulu, Cartoon HD, Vidmate or other services! With this single app, you can watch movies and TV shows, protect files from prying eyes as well as enjoy the best customisability.

You TV Player has had a fairly recent entry in public attention. The app’s superior features, efficiency and user-friendly interface make for a winning combo. You TV app apk is a little over 24 MBs, and that can be a problem for some devices with small memory size. But even if your phone has an average memory size, you can accommodate this app without any hassle. It is worth it; no other app offers this sort of customizability with such a wide selection of content.

You TV Player APK; What makes it win:

The app has several ups to it. Let’s see some of them:

The collection of movies and TV shows, ie. the curation is noteworthy. All sorts of genres from cartoons to action to comedy find place in the library of titles the app boasts. Plus you can watch TV series episodes as well! All of this for free!
You TV Player takes pride in letting you customise your experience. You can manage the type and number of notifications you receive, along with offering pioneering services like socialising with users around the world to make friends and get movie suggestions as well as help. The You TV Player community is vast and diverse; something no other app can boast.
The data you create, like favorites or lists are not stored with your app. They are uploaded to a secure cloud so if your app gets deleted or your device loses data due to formatting or a virus, you can download the app again and retrieve your past settings. Cool, isn’t it?
You can mark titles as favorites when you want to access the movies or TV shows later. Plus you can also use this same app to hide your files. Only you can access files you deem sensitive, thanks to this wonderful app.
So we can safely say that You TV Player does a lot more than stream free movies and TV shows online.

But the app has got to have some shortcomings, right? Well, let’s find out!

You TV Player App; Shortcomings:

The shortcomings of the app are far fewer than the benefits. But let’s go through them anyway.

You TV Player can be a bit slow at times. The app doesn’t like slow internet speeds. But then, which one does?
The process of finding good streams can be daunting. Thankfully, with the social connectivity of the app, you can receive help from fans of the content from all around the world. This makes it easy to find the best stream and watch your favorite movie free without buffering!

You TV Player APK; the 411:

You TV Player apk is a file just above 24 MB in size. The file is a lot easier to find on the internet than most other new apps. You can see how popular this app is, right?

To get the app, Google Search “You TV Player APK”. Get the apk file downloaded. You can run it on your device once the download is complete. Allow Unknown Sources if and when you are prompted. And in no time, you will be enjoying the app without any hinderance. Watch all your free TV Series and movies online for free! is an official partner of Showbox APK team.