You TV Player for iPhone

You TV Player app is this amazing video streaming app that has caught the attention of millions of users worldwide. This android app is available as an APK file on the internet. All of 24 MBs, this nifty software has been garnering appreciation from fans and critics alike. You can see why too.

You TV Player has been in the limelight for a few months. But the fan following has been growing by leaps and bounds. Watching free TV shows and Movies through this app has been the major attraction. But the app also doubles up as a password protector for files. Plus the customisability and the amazing collection of titles means this is one unbeatable app.

You TV Player for iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, You TV Player is not available for iOS devices. The app comes as an apk file, which we all know cannot run on iOS. You TV Player is not available as a dmg file either, which means we cannot watch free movies and TV serials on iPhone and iPad. There are no good Android Emulators available for iOS either, due to lack of community review and experience. So looks like there is no method guaranteed to be safe and successful to run the app on iOS.

However, there are other ways to watch free movies and TV shows on your iPad or iPhone. Some of them are pretty easy. Here are some apps that you can use to downlaod and stream movies and TV shows for free.

You TV Player for iOS Alternatives

  • Vidmate

Vidmate is a leading video downloader service. The app aims to be easy to use and versatile. The interface and features are                really amazing. You can get videos to watch and download from all sorts of sites. Vidmate lets you search the entire internet            through the same search entry. It makes getting videos to watch and download a breeze. You’re going to love this nifty app.

  • TubeMate
    TubeMate is unbeatable in terms of speed. When you want to download free movies, you can open the URL, press download, choose your resolution and then watch the download blaze forward. The secret of this unbeatable speed is still unknown. The interface is like a browser which makes it a trifle to find the correct video and download it.
  • Cartoon HD
    Ever wanted to watch unlimited animated movies and TV serials but didn’t know where to look for them? Well, you can look to Cartoon HD and it won’t disappoint. The collection is wide, and not limited to animated movies. You can find all sorts of genres on the app, from serious dramas and action to comedies and musicals. The custom download and playing makes it easy to pair it with Chromecast or use it on a parallel faster downloader app.
  • Play View
    PlayView excels among all the alternatives for You TV Player. The app has the widest collection of curated titles. All the latest TV shows as well as movies and other amazing content is available on the app. People in some locations might need to use a VPN. The service is amazing. The app is easily the quickest when it comes to updating latest content. This app too can be paired with a faster downloader, since its default download protocol is via the ordinary slower Android OS download.

These four are the most well reviewed apps to watch movies, Live TV as well as TV shows online. They are completely free too. All four of these can serve as viable alternatives for You TV Player for iPhone / iOS. is an official partner of Showbox APK team.